The Mega Skin Supplement You Should Be Taking Daily!

Not too long ago I was struggling with bad skin, specifically acne. I would get cystic acne and was prone to break outs for no apparent reason. It affected my self-confidence in social situations, as I was always concerned with my latest blemish. I went to a dermatologist to find the cause and fix the issue. Unfortunately, all they ever did was offer more creams, antibiotics, and even Accutane (which I wasn’t willing to do given the potential severe side effects).

On my quest to find the CAUSE of my acne, I read several different books regarding a path to clearer skin. There was one recurring theme amongst the information I read, and that was your diet inevitably affects your skin. This wasn’t shocking to me, but what was surprising is the emphasis on omegas-3s. Omegas-3s are the healthy fat our body needs, and almost everything I researched mentioned the importance of this fat to improved skin and even overall health.

Our diets today consist of too many omegas-6’s and too few omega-3’s. Saturated fats, preservatives, meats loaded with antibiotics, and many other kinds of chemicals are found in our food. These toxicants often produce inflammation in our body. Even reasonably balanced, healthy diets can induce inflammation in our bodies. This can lead to facial blemishes or acne. Interestingly, omega-3’s can combat omega-6’s and reduce inflammation in the body. Increasing your daily dose of omega 3’s is a great way to develop a clear and glowing complexion.

The best vitamin I have found for omega-3 is fish oil. The overall health benefits of fish oil are numerous. Fish oil health benefits include improved heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, improved vision, weight loss, improved hair health, and more! It even has benefits for body and muscle building for those whom are focused on fitness.  It just happens that the DHA and EPA in omega-3 fish oil increase synthesis and decrease degradation.

Instead of supplements, you can also eat foods that are high in these healthy fats, such as salmon, avocados, or flax seeds. But people often don’t get enough of these healthy fats and find it easier to supplement their diet. Fish oil is one of the best options available on the market for healthy fats. Suggested dosage is between 1000 mg to 2000 mg of fish oil, which is about 300 to 600 mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

So change your skin and improve your overall health with a fish oil pill daily!


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