Is a Gay Cruise for You? What may surprise you – no matter who you are, the answer is YES!

A few years back one of my closest friends encouraged me to give an Atlantis gay cruise a try. I thought to myself, โ€œIt honestly sounds overwhelming and almost scary.โ€ Yet I was intrigued. I am not a fan of cruises as is; the idea of being stuck on a boat with the same people […]

The Key to Gay Halloween Costumes (with Photos)

Halloween is coming! Nearly everyone is preparing their costumes for what is known to be one of the gays’ favorite holidays! It’s a chance to express your creativity and even get a free pass on running around in risquรฉ outfits. Itโ€™s true, many gays choose revealing or even scandalous costume designs. Perhaps itโ€™s our free-spirited […]