The Key to Gay Halloween Costumes (with Photos)

Halloween is coming! Nearly everyone is preparing their costumes for what is known to be one of the gays’ favorite holidays! It’s a chance to express your creativity and even get a free pass on running around in risqué outfits. It’s true, many gays choose revealing or even scandalous costume designs. Perhaps it’s our free-spirited nature or our emphasis on physique. But not all LGBTQ Halloween party goers prefer a minimalist outfit. In fact, many choose costume designs geared towards humor, hot topics, or for the “wow factor”. Either way, Halloween is a time where we can celebrate our creativity and imagination freely amongst our friends.

For me, Halloween has been one of my favorite times to express my artistic and creative sides!  I wrote this blog to help give advice to those interested in the key factors of a successful Halloween costumes.

    1. You don’t Need to Wear Something Skimpy
      First, I want to state you DON’T need to create a scandalous costume for Halloween to be sexy! There is no rule when it comes to how much to wear or not. Simply focus on what makes you feel good about your look! Besides, one of the sexiest things is confidence. Wearing something that might make you feel uncomfortable is not only not necessary, but could easily ruin your night.
    2. Homemade, NEVER Store Bought
      One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing someone with a cheap, store-bought costume. Yikes! There is no creativity there. Try to make your own costumes, or at the very least buy pieces of costumes, so yours is unique. This makes it more memorable and sparks your creative mind!
    3. One Center Piece, Build from There
      I have found success in finding one central piece or pieces and then building from there. For example, for my Egyptian costume (featured in this blog) I bought a beautiful gold necklace, and from that point I bought other pieces over time that would match or work with that outfit. This is where it can be fun as you watch your costume grow and adjust as you acquire more ideas.
    4. Reusable Pieces
      One of the surprising things I have found assembling costumes over last few years is how if you buy reusable pieces you can build several different kinds of costumes mixing and matching previous pieces in creative way. So start investing in your costume closet now!

Below are some costumes I have created in the past for guidance and ideas.  Best of luck with your costume planning and Happy Halloween!!

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