Develop Your Fitness Game and Outsmart Your Genetics!

With beach weather almost here, I wanted to write a series of articles focused on body fitness. Whether you’re a gym junkie or new to the fitness world, the first and most powerful thing you need to do is educate yourself and develop your game plan. All too often I see gym goers with incorrect […]

Goal Setting – Develop a More Focused Life

As the year comes to an end, we often find ourselves evaluating the past and goal setting for the future. Whether we want to start the new year by improving our fitness, growing in our career, or focusing more on our personal lives, the new year is a time for goal setting. The challenge is […]

The Key to Gay Halloween Costumes (with Photos)

Halloween is coming! Nearly everyone is preparing their costumes for what is known to be one of the gays’ favorite holidays! It’s a chance to express your creativity and even get a free pass on running around in risqué outfits. It’s true, many gays choose revealing or even scandalous costume designs. Perhaps it’s our free-spirited […]