Mission Statement

The motivation behind this blog is to educate and inspire you to improve all aspects of your life. The focus is a commitment health, an a passion for wellness, human rights, self-development, fitness, and so much more. Handyman Health is intended to be a resource for all different types of people from around the world. The content shared is from both my (Dylan Handy) personal experiences and other motivated wellness-enthusiasts. Through our health and development blogs/videos you can find daily motivation and help bring positivity into your life as well as others. So join me on this mission in finding what life’s all about: love, health, wellness, and happiness!

About Me

Hi I’m Dylan!

I am an ordinary guy, with an extraordinary vision and goal! "What is that goal?", you might ask.

Well first allow me to introduce myself and offer you some of my history. Currently I am a passionate health enthusiast, fitness fanatic, zealous social influencer, and a motivated entrepreneur. My daily drive and commitment to live life with purpose and integrity has afforded me countless opportunities and life lessons (some easier than others). Though I am still a student of these boundless lessons the world offers; I strive every day to cultivate my life into a healthier and happy me.

While I am pleased to say my life has manifested in the direction I wanted, it hasn’t always been this way. I struggled with some painfully dark and difficult times growing up. From enduring a childhood full of relentless cruel bullying to teen years of self-loathing, anger, and confusion.  Leaving me with my greatest challenge, my identity. Specifically, I struggled to acknowledging my identity as a gay man (the fact I can even say this now is shocking). Finally coming to terms with my identity, I nearly lost everything, including some of my close friends and family. At my lowest point, I had attempted to take my own life. Thankfully I didn’t follow through, but something amazing happened from that point on!

From that very moment, I made a personal commitment - a decision - to myself that changed my life forever. That commitment to living a fuller more focused life. And so began my path to find what truly makes me happy. Instead of living a life designed by others, or an unhealthy life clouded in dishonesties and discontent, I wanted to find who I really was. What did I have to lose? From there I pushed myself mentally and physically to be the best version of myself, and continuous improve myself along the way.

My journey has been beautiful, exciting, stimulating, thought-provoking, and at times challenging.  Along my journey, I connected with such amazing people who continue to support me in all I do. With this I found my true drive in life, health and wellness. I became obsessed with personal development, both physically and mentally. I’ve seen the success it has given me and the change it can bring into your life. I want to direct and support you in finding your inner strength and identity., and help you in developing a healthy lifestyle and driving your personal growth. It starts with you, but together we can make beautiful things happen. So join me on this journey to a healthier and happier self and to finding what life’s all about!

Dylan Handy

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